Monroe Cafeteria Food Survey
Please fill out this survey and help us improve our school’s cafeteria.
1. Are you a boy or a girl?
2. What grade are you in?
3. Do you like the Monroe cafeteria food? 1 means you really do not like it, and 5 means you really like it.
You dislike it.
You love it.
4. How often do you eat the cafeteria food?
5. Do you think there is enough variety on the menu?
6. Is there always enough food available when you order?
7. Do you feel you have enough time to buy and eat your meal?
8. Monroe Cafeteria
Don't know
Speed of service
Cleanliness of the dining area
Amount of food you receive
Overall rating of Monroe cafeteria food
9. How do you think Monroe can improve the cafeteria food?
Your answer
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