15.366 Energy Ventures - Fall 2017 Application

15.366 MIT Energy Ventures is a project- and lecture-based course in which teams create a new business in the clean energy sector. The goal of Energy Ventures is to educate entrepreneurs through hands-on practical experience.

An ideal applicant for Energy Ventures is an engineering/science/policy student with a passion for the energy, water, and/or ag sectors; or a business student committed to these sectors who has taken an introductory entrepreneurship class or has equivalent experience. Our goal is to bring together students passionate about launching a new business after completion of the class or upon graduation. Past involvement in the MIT/Boston community on these topics is also a benefit. Students with a technology or idea under development are especially encouraged to apply.

This course is open to undergrad and grad students at MIT, and grad students at Harvard.

Class Time: Thursdays, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Friday recitations optional)
Professors: Bill Aulet, Tod Hynes, Francis O’Sullivan
Enrollment: By application only (no listeners); Sloan bidding not necessary
Credits: 12; Capacity: 35

Contact the Energy Ventures TA at 15366-ta@mit.edu for additional information.

Applicant Information
Please complete all questions below and send a PDF copy of your CV/resume to 15366-ta@mit.edu with subject header ENERGY VENTURES RESUME when submitting this application.
First Name
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Last Name
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School Email (@mit.edu or equivalent)
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Phone Number
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Expected Grad Year
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Is this your last fall semester at MIT/Harvard before graduating?
If this is NOT your last fall semester at MIT / Harvard, tell us why you deserve / why it makes the most sense for you to be in the class THIS fall
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Have you emailed a copy of your CV/resume to 15366-ta@mit.edu?
How did you hear about 15.366 Energy Ventures?
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Personal statement of interest (why you want to be in the class)
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Goals upon completion of course or at graduation
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Energy- and/or entrepreneurship-relevant experience (including summer plans)
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Involvement in the MIT or Boston energy/water/ag community
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Technology or Idea Under Development
If you would like to bring a technology or existing idea to the class (NOT a requirement), email a 3-5 slide deck and/or 2-page executive summary to 15366-ta@mit.edu upon submission of this application. Materials should include:

a. Technology overview
b. Stage of development
c. Any current researchers and/or faculty affiliated with the project

Do you have a technology or idea under development that you would like to build further during Energy Ventures? (not required to join the course)
Would you be willing to stay enrolled in Energy Ventures if your technology or idea is not selected for the class?
Use this space to provide a high-level summary of the technology or idea, as well as any additional relevant information not captured in the emailed attachments.
If technology or idea is not under development, write "N/A".
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Have you emailed supplementary information on your technology or idea to 15366-ta@mit.edu?
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