K-5 Elementary Chromebook Damage and Theft Coverage Agreement
Accidental Damage, extended warranty, and theft coverage is provided through Trafera and includes the following types of damage claims:

- Accidental damage resulting in a broken screen, cracked/broken shell, keyboard, etc.

- Accidental liquid damage (water only)

- Manufacturer defects including charger, most power supply issues, internal components, and/or total operating system failures

- Theft of Chromebook (Police Report MUST be filed by parent/guardian and a copy given to school within 48 hours of the theft.) If the student fails to report a stolen Chromebook within the 48 hour window, the full cost of the Chromebook will be assessed (up to $400). More than one theft claim may terminate the insurance policy, resulting in full costs being assessed of any future damages/claims.

I understand that if my Chromebook were to get damaged or in need of repair, I must return it to school ASAP for evaluation. An incident fee may be charged, per valid claim, and will be due before Chromebook will be returned to you or a temporary loaner device will be issued to you. (see Chromebook User and Expectations Guide for more info.) Failure to bring Chromebook in for repair in a timely manner may result in full damage costs being assessed. (No incident fee will be charged if the claim is deemed a manufacturer defect.) In addition, I understand that excessive claims per individual user may result in disciplinary action and/or cancellation of any further incident fee coverage and full damage costs being assessed.

ADP Incident Claims Fees (paid by user upon incident)

Fee Type (effective for users after 1/1/2021)

Fee per incident

Incident Claim Fee (Broken Screen, Shell, Keyboard, Liquid damage, etc)

$50 each incident

Theft of Chromebook (*see above)


Certified Replacement Charger, not due to manufacturer defect Or self-purchased through link on our website, select models only

$40 - Chromebooks

$20 - Tablets

Chromebook Loss and/or Intentional Damage or Neglect (depends upon severity of damage)

Fair Market value for

Replacement & Repair

Rugged Shell Replacement Cover (User Self purchased through UZBL or Amazon)

Fair Market value for


(Notice, K-5 students do NOT pay the one time usage fee for devices therefore the incident claim fees are adjusted accordingly. Middle & High School students are charged an upfront fee to offset costs)

Non-covered Damages under Accidental Damage, Extended Warranty, Theft Coverage

❖ I understand that intentional damage or loss resulting from neglect, vandalism, and/or irresponsibility are not covered under the ADP policy. This will result in payment, in full, of any costs associated with the damage up to full replacement cost of the Chromebook and/or its accessories.

Types of damage that are NOT covered under the Accidental Damage, extended warranty, and Theft coverage include, but not limited to:

➢ Chromebook damage due to negligence and/or damage due to intentional misuse, abuse, or altering the Chromebook itself or its operating system in any way.

➢ Damaged or lost protective sleeve.

➢ Power surges (**)

➢ Fire, flood, and/or other natural occurrences (**)

➢ Vandalism or lost device

➢ Lost or stolen charger or charger damaged due to neglect (i.e. a pet chewed it, etc.)

➢ Battery/charging issues resulting from failure to charge the Chromebook fully on a regular basis and/or use of a non-approved manufacturer charger. Replacement chargers must be purchased from the school or from school-certified third parties for select Chromebook models (see website) ,

which are guaranteed and insurance approved.

(**) these damages may be covered under your homeowner/rental/auto insurance. Check with your homeowner/rental/auto insurance provider for more information.

By signing, I agree to all the terms and conditions of the Chromebook Accidental Damage/Theft coverage. I acknowledge that if any damage or incident occurs, an incident fee may be required. I acknowledge that coverage may be voided if: (1) false claims are made and/or (2) an excessive amount of claims are made. In addition, all intentional damage and/or loss, damages due to neglect, vandalism, and/or irresponsibility are not covered under the Accidental Damage/Extended Warranty/Theft coverage and therefore I will assume full responsibility of full payment of any damages and/or replacement costs. I understand the policy does not cover lost/stolen chargers, or damage to the charger due to neglect. I understand that the one-time digital user fee and any paid incident fees, are non-refundable.

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