Rose City Futsal policy committee Form
Rose City Futsal (RCF) rules/policies of play/procedures advisory committee.
Purpose: To provide input to Rose City Futsal Management regarding on-field issues. To provide a forum for team/manager/player/coach/parent and/or referee representatives regarding on-field issues.
*Major responsibilities:
• Organizational leadership and advisement, assist in rules changes and standardization.
• Formulation and advisement of policies and procedures for referees
• Provide a forum for all RCF constituents to have a voice
• Representation of teams, players, and/or divisions issues directly to management and indirectly to the Board of RCF.

*Members of the Committee share these responsibilities while acting in the interest of RCF Community. Each member is expected to make recommendations based on his or her experience and vantage point in the RCF community.

Meetings and time commitment:
• The Committee will generally meet three or four times per year as needed. Meeting times are set far in advance with input from all committee members so as to be as convenient as possible; members may attend by telephone or other device that allows for two-way communication but are strongly encouraged to attend in person. Meetings typically last 90 minutes or less and are held at the RCF facility.

Expectations of Committee members:
• Attend and participate in meetings on a regular basis, as able.
• Be alert to RCF community concerns that can be addressed within RCF’s mission, objectives, and programs.
• Understand the on-field policies and procedures of RCF.

This is an exceptional opportunity to advise the management of and help improve the on-field experience at RCF. We are looking for a diversity of opinions, and seeking a cross-section of people representing various levels of play – men, women, youth (represented by parent, coach or mature teen), coed, upper divisions, lower divisions, and welcome varied perspectives. If you wish to be considered, please fill out and return the “application” below:

Name: Andree Cannon-Fleming *
Phone: 503-754-6090
What RCF division[s] do you play, coach, and/or parent in – be as specific as possible? I play with 2 division 4 women's teams: Fox Force Five and Oddballers and currently play division 3 w Bad Mamas. My son has participated on numerous teams and did Eduardo's select training.
Untitled Title
Why are you interested in serving on this committee? To help represent the women's players as well as to contribute as a parent of a player. *
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