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CBBers, us mission makers are requesting your help! A ton of work goes into making high quality missions. All technical stuff aside, one of the hardest things about making these scenarios is the concept of operations.

This where YOU come in, if you want to experience more complex and interesting situations, instead of kill “X” and seize “Y” then you need to get involved. Together as a community I think we can come up with some great ideas. Please fill out all that you can, go crazy! The more the better.

If you would like access to the response doc for ideas please contact an admin and we’ll get you set up!
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Objectives *
This is the what will be done. Some example include gathering intel, killing an HVT, taking a strategic position, interdicting enemy movements, etc.
Concept *
This is how it will be done. For example players will be dropped with BMD-2s and will perform recon and gather intel.
This is the why. CDF forces dropped with BMD-2s will perform recon and gather intelligence relating to the movement of Chedaki seperatists in South Zagoria.
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