Camper and Volunteer Registration Form
For 2019 Burning Man Contradance Camp.

Please complete this form if there is any chance that you might camp with us.
Please complete this form if you are willing to purchase Burning Man tickets for others, even though you can't attend.
Other volunteers or contributors are encouraged to complete this form, but it is not required.

For more information see the camp website: .

Name *
First and last name as commonly used in the default world.
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Playa Name
(If you have one)
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Preferred email address *
This should match your email address on the Burning Man profile site:
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Google email address
A gmail (or other Google domain) address is necessary for contributing to camp planning docs. At least one is required per camping household.
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Mobil Phone *
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Alternate Phone
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Postal address
(Also used for carpooling hints.)
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Partner, party or band name(s).
To help us group you with the rest of your party. Please fill out a separate registration form for each person.
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Home dance(s)
Where do you usually contradance?
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What are the chances that you will be able to come to the Playa? *
Assume that we can find find you a ticket. Are there other reasons you might not come? (Please commit yes/no by the end of July.)
Nope, But I want to help anyhow.
Playa or bust!
Can you (did you) purchase tickets? *
(See the next 2 questions too.)
Can you purchase extra tickets for needy talent (reimbursed if necessary)? *
Note that the rules allow each individual to purchase two tickets, even if they belong to the same household. You may need to use different credit cards.
Do you need to be reimbursed for any extra tickets that you personally don't use? *
In other words, do we need to find a cash donor for you to be able to give extra tickets to needy talent?
Please describe any dietary restrictions. *
Please include adjectives indicating the severity. (e.g. Prefer vegetarian, severe shrimp allergy, etc). The default menu will be vegan with meat and cheese options on the side. High risk allergens (nuts) will always be segregated.
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T-Shirt size *
Prior Burning Man experience *
Please list years and camps, or "none".
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What talents, skills or energy can you contribute to the camp?
Please err on the optimistic side: this will be used to seed our plans. There will be plenty of opportunity to make future adjustments.
Anything else that might be helpful for us to know?
Include such things as other camp affiliations, special needs, unusual skills or opportunities, etc.
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