Application for Private Coaching with Stella Seaspirit
Thank you for your interest in private coaching with me. For consideration, please complete the form below and I will be in touch within 3 working days about whether I feel we are a good fit.

I am a spiritual worker, which means my area of expertise is in assisting personal growth and metaphysical understanding, enhancing your natural abilities to commune with Earth, Sky and Spirit and open to the workings of synchronicity and mystical experiences.

Therefore I work with unique, dedicated souls who are willing to unravel, release and re-weave what needs to be shifted in order to open to receiving fresh insight and interdimensional experiences.

To honour your time and mine, only serious applicants will be considered.

While applying just relax and let your answers flow, your heart speak and be your lovely self.
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How would this change your life? What would you like to see happen in this situation for you to consider it resolved? What would be different (within and/or around you) moving forward? How would it feel to you to achieve this?
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Please be as specific as possible.What have you tried that kind of worked or did not work at all?Why do you feel you have been unable to achieve the results you desire?
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I am willing to modify and explore self-defeating behaviours that restrict my expansion. *
I am open to try new things that may not make logical sense at the time or even if I am not 100% convinced they will work. *
This may include various energy shifting techniques like journalling, meditative observation, visualisation, step-by-step spells/rituals involving botanicals, candles and/or crystals.
I am willing to have faith in the process and take consistent action toward my dreams, regardless of how my current reality may seem. *
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