Locally Listed Buildings in Highams Park
The Council is reviewing its list of locally listed buildings and we offered to assist by asking our members what buildings in the Highams Park Area people believe should be given some protection from re-development or changes which are unsympathetic to the design and character of the building.

To be added to the list a building should have some special design character or significance which makes it worthwhile of preservation/protection. For example, the Royal Oak Pub is locally listed but the County Arms is not but you may feel that the County Arms and/or the Highams Park Station building should also be listed.

In the following sections we have included some brief information about local listing, such as: what local listing means; what criteria need to be satisfied for a building to be locally listed; and the current list of locally listed buildings in the Highams Park Area. Please read this information before completing the survey.

As the Council is currently reviewing its local list, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS QUESTIONNAIRE BY: SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER, 2018

You'll notice that we've asked for your name and address below. We're sorry but we cannot accept anonymous responses and by completing this survey you are providing your consent for this data to be shared with Council Officers. All information provided in this survey will be treated in accordance with HPPG's privacy and data protection policy. If you wish to read this policy it can be found on the about us page of the Highams Park Planning Group website.

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This questionnaire was prepared by the Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG)

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