The Because Black Life Conference Registration 2020
We’re back! Let’s organize and celebrate! So many surprises this year! The Because Black Life Conference is where we check in on Black life in Minnesota, around the country and have global conversations on the future of Black life. We are so excited to welcome it back 2020 in our new space! Augsburg University. Whether this is your first time attending or you are returning we have joy planned for you!

This space is centered on plugging people into organizing and dreaming. What can Minnesota be for Black people and how can the country learn from the organizing happening in Minnesota?

The Because Black Life Conference sees itself as a home to organize the next year of Black life in Minnesota. This space is where critical organizing meets education meets arts festival meets black joy. Through workshops we will hear from leading organizers, artists, dreamers, and healers in Minnesota working to build other worlds. T-shirts and hoodies will be available for purchase the day of.

Though this is a public conference some workshops may be Black and or P.O.C exclusive we ask white activist/artists respect and support this.

This conference will consist of workshops ranging on the spectrum of Black joy - from the utilizing of trap music and Zines to get us more free to the ways we may interact with the earth to abolish borders in the rising police state. Come kick it. Why does this gathering exist? Because Black life.


By registering we recognize you are agreeing to be filmed or photographed for promotion purposes. We will have red stickers available at registration for folks who would prefer not to be filmed or photographed.
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