The Enhanced GEOSS Portal User Questionnaire
The GEOSS Portal User Questionnaire has been conceived to conduct a user assessment of the newly enhanced GEOSS Portal. The goal is to introduce users to the new portal and evaluate the performance and capabilities of the portal interface.

This questionnaire will provide the users’ perspective in three main areas of the GEOSS Portal:
• The overall organization and content;
• The navigation capabilities;
• And the functionalities (e.g., search capability, data access, etc.).

This questionnaire has three parts:
• The Entry Questions to determine who the end users are, what are their interests and if they used this Portal already;
• The Operational Questions determine the user’s experience regarding the GEOSS Portal overall organization and content, its navigational capabilities and its functionalities;
• And the Overall Impressions to determine the user’s impression of the GEOSS Portal and its features, and if they plan to use the GEOSS Portal again.

We would like to measure several different usability aspects:
- effectiveness (can users successfully achieve their objectives);
- efficiency (how much effort and resource is expended in achieving those objectives);
- overall satisfaction (was the experience satisfactory).

The questionnaire should be a living experience, so go ahead and open two tabs in your browser: one pointing to this questionnaire and the other on the actual portal (

The estimated time to fulfill this survey is about 20 minutes.

We thank you very much in advance for your time and contribution towards making this portal user-centric.
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The GEOSS Portal enhanced interface
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