MakeICT Lapsed Member Survey
We are reaching out to members whose dues have lapsed to make sure there's nothing we're missing. Thanks for filling out this form!
Why aren't you renewing?
0 (Not a reason)
5 (Definitely a reason)
Left Wichita
Personally too busy to use the space
Finished or stopped working on the project I needed the space for
Can't afford it
Classes didn't fit my schedule
Shared space doesn't work for my projects
Makerspace lacks the tools I need
Didn't feel like part of the community
People issues
Rules/Policies/Procedures got in the way
Other information or reasons about your choice to stop renewing?
Your answer
Is there a possibility that you'll reactivate your membership in the future?
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Would you recommend MakeICT to a friend?
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Are there any tools you needed that we do not have?
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Is $25/mo a reasonable price for membership?
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Is there anything else we can improve on to help retain members?
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