Giving Voice to Siblings Book Survey
Thank you for letting your children participate in the survey for my book on Giving Voice to Siblings. Your children are welcome to submit their own responses. If they are too young, feel free to interview them and submit their answers.

The questions are directed to the child.They can answer all of the questions, or only the ones that interest them – although I would love to hear as much from them as possible.

Please note, these questions are not only intended for children born into the family. This project is also for adopted children whose families later added children through foster care or adoption.

By submitting this survey, you give me permission to use your (your child's) responses in my book or other writing. Thank you so much!

Lisa Qualls - One Thankful Mom
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1. What name would you like me to use for you in the book: your first name, an alternate name, or "anonymous"? I will protect your privacy and only use the name you list here. *
2. How old are you now?
3. How many children are in your family by birth, foster care, adoption, (or other), and where do you fit in the family?
4. Were you excited when your family decided to adopt?  What were you most excited about?
5. Did you have any fears before your new siblings joined the family?
6. What would you recommend to parents who are preparing to add kids to the family?  How can they best prepare the children in the home currently and how can they help the transition go as smoothly as possible?
7. Have you ever resented the attention your parents needed to give your siblings?
8. What are things your parents did to reassure you that you were not forgotten, unimportant, or unloved?
9. Have you ever felt worried about your parents or responsible for your parents? (safety, stress, health, finances, marriage, etc.)
10. Has your home ever felt unsafe? What can parents do to ensure safety of the siblings?
11. What are good ways to help siblings connect in deep meaningful ways, that are not forced? Do you feel that you’ve bonded with your siblings?
12. If you could tell your sibling(s) from a hard place anything at all, what would you say?
13. What has been the greatest difficulty of adding siblings from “hard places” to your family? What has been the greatest blessing?
14. How has this experience shaped you?
15. Anything else you would like adoptive and foster parents to know? Or anything else you would like to share with me?
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