Osaka University-Wide incoming exchange programs September 2018 intake - Internal Screening Form
Osaka University University-wide Student Exchange Program (September 2018 intake, September 2018 - April 2019)

Online Internal Screening form (deadline: 18 January 2018 at 15.00 WIB)

Application Guide for Student April 2018 intake :

The International Student Affairs Division of Osaka University coordinates four university-wide exchange study
programme (iExPO, OUSSEP, FrontierLab and Maple) and applicant must choose one. Please find the details on Table 2, 3, 4, and 5. There is no April intake in Maple programme. Restrictions may apply for students from school-level,
discipline-specific partners.

iExPO students will accepted in a school or graduate school of Osaka University to take courses in a specific major or do postgraduate research under the guidance of a faculty member. Undergraduate or postgraduate Special Auditor is for those who wish to take specialised modules in a degree programme alongside Japanese students. Since the majority of degree courses are taught in Japanese, participants need to have a high level of general and academic Japanese language proficiency (Generally JLPT N1 or N2, requirements vary by school). Postgraduate applicants who would like full-time research under the guidance of a faculty member could be accepted as a Special Research Student if their research proposal is approved by the school. Please see Table 1 for the list of OU schools and web links.

FrontierLab is an academic research internship in science and technology and therefore, it is very unique as a long-term exchange study programme. Participants will become a student member of a research group in one of Osaka University's internationally renowned science and technology fields and do full-time research work under the academic supervision of
a faculty member. The programme offers a wide range of potential research directions and emphasise hands-on laboratory experience. With the advice of their supervisor, students may attend Japanese language classes or take courses relating to their own study fields. Special Auditor status enables student to earn credit grades through their research (and additional course work), while Special Research Student is non-credit based.

This program has been designed for undergraduate students in their 3rd or 4th year from overseas partner universities across the globe. Participants are offered Japanese language classes and lecture courses taught in English called “International Exchange Subjects” or CIEE courses. These courses are also opened for degree-seeking students who are interested in attending English-taught classes; therefore, OUSSEP students will have a good chance to get to know other OU students in classes. No postgraduate courses are offered within this programme, while Master’s students could be accepted if both home university and student agree that s/he will enrol in undergraduate “International Exchange Subjects” courses.

In the Maple Program, students are encouraged to compare and contrast Japanese language and culture with those of their home countries. The curriculum, comprised of various academic subjects to meet the diverse needs of individual students, is designed to enable students to study the Japanese language, culture and society in a comprehensive manner, while at the same time improving their Japanese language proficiency. Moreover, the Maple program provides international students with diverse opportunities for direct communication with Japanese students and to learn various aspects of Japanese through hand-on learning programs concerning Japanese society and culture. For this program, a Level N4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or the same level of Japanese proficiency is required and students who are in the 3rd year or higher in an undergraduate school are accepted.

General Eligibility (Please refer to each program details for each programs’ eligibility):
• Active student of UNAIR
(Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student)
• Completed minimum 2 (two) semester(s) at UNAIR
• Strong academic performance (cGPA > 3.00)
• Highly fluent in required language
(English: TOEFL iBT 80+ / IELTS 6.0+)
(Japanese N1 or N2 for iExPO, FrontierLab, Maple: N4)
• Committed towards the program upon nomination

Program Benefits:
• Transferable credits (please consult with Department and Faculty)
• Tuition fee waived
• Eligible applicants can apply for JASSO Scholarship or OU Scholarship (Partial Scholarship)

Required documents:
1. An official academic transcript (in English)
2. Health certificate (medical check-up) no longer than 2 months prior to the submission date (could be submitted after the internal screening announcement)
3. English or Japanese proficiency score records (TOEFL IBT/IELTS/JLPT). ELPT and TOEFL Prediction are not accepted.
4. Scanned passport
5. Study Plan (400-500 words)

Application Procedure
1. Students must fill online internal screening form: by 18 January 2018 at 15.00 WIB
2. Applicants must send all mentioned required documents through with subject: OU2018/Name/Faculty by 18 January 2018 at 15.00 WIB
3. AGE UNAIR will review all application after the mentioned deadline
4. AGE will contact shortlisted candidates for further application process

Please read carefully ‘Application Guide for Student September 2018 intake’ before asking any question. We believe most of your question can be answered from the application guide

Should you need question or further assistance regarding this program, please reach us via:
• Facebook Page Comment / message box
• Email us:
• Direct consultation during office hours upon confirmation via email
• Kindly confirm to us before dropping by the office via E-mail, facebook message or, call us (Tel. 031-5966864 ext. 105 attn. Ms. Adinda) during office hours

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Applicants must understand the implications of participating exchange program, should commit to participate all selection process and nomination process, and should not withdraw the application.
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