General Orientation for Loma Linda Street Medicine
Welcome to Loma Linda Street Medicine.

Street medicine is something different. Street medicine acknowledges that by nature our healthcare system leaves some people behind. That’s why we go to these people, to meet them where they are and help to give them the opportunity to pull themselves out of the cracks in the system. Street medicine is founded on the ethical principle of justice—that all should be treated equally, regardless of the ability to pay. The vision of street medicine is excellent transitional primary care, centered on the patient and their world, and given away freely.

Loma Linda Street Medicine is a medical student run outreach here to bring street medicine to LLU, an institution with a commitment to excellence, whole person care, and being a neighbor to all. It is a natural fit. Loma Linda Street Medicine wants to promote a culture of underserved medicine and patient centered care on campus and in the classroom. Loma Linda Street Medicine wants to give students the opportunity to learn to operate in a resource poor environment, a skill useful for street medicine or for overseas missions. Loma Linda University should be known as a place to go to learn high quality care for the underserved.

This general orientation will answer the how and the why of street medicine. It will take you through the philosophy behind it, a brief history of the street medicine movement and the story of street medicine here at Loma Linda, the nuts and bolts of our street medicine outreach, and how you can get involved. It will take approximately 45 minutes.

The philosophy
Why do street medicine?
A brief history of the street medicine movement
Our story
The nuts and bolts
Our Community
How you can get involved
Visions for a glorious future

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