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I am thinking about collecting some of my past essays, articles, and blog posts into an anthology, and want to know more about whether and how you would like to read and help support it!
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This is a still from Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. This movie, and this picture, mean a lot to me. It’s how I think about my relationship with the people who help me do what I do. We are joined but apart. We are powerful, but trapped. We are looking for a way to relate to each other that isn’t cursed by everything we’ve inherited from the past.
Would you be interested in an anthology of Tim Carmody’s past essays, articles, and blog posts about the history and future of media? *
What formats would most interest you for a collection of Tim’s writing on media? (Check all that apply) *
What would you prefer to pay for ownership or permanent access to a digital collection of Tim’s writings on media? *
What would you prefer to pay for ownership of a printed collection of Tim’s writings on media? *
Would you pay a premium for a special acknowledgment, autograph copy, or other personalization of your copy of an anthology of Tim’s writings? *
Would you pay a premium to make an anthology of Tim’s writings available on the web to everyone for free (in addition to your copy)? *
Where’s your preferred place to buy stuff like this?  (Check one or two, three if you’re feeling nasty) *
Some of Tim’s writings are digressive, including personal information and/or historical and anecdotal asides. Would you want this anthology to be narrowly focused on the history, or include as much all-over-the-place Tim writing as possible? *
What is most important to you? (Please choose one) *
What’s your preferred service for supporting an independent writer. artist, journalist, or content creator? *
If you want something different from Tim (a different format, a different project, a different medium, etc.), even if you didn’t select that option above, what would you want most?
What do you like best about what Tim does now? (Select all that apply, but you know; try to pick a top two or three if you can) *
If you could change anything about what Tim is doing now, what would it be? (Please, be kind)
If you’d like, you can leave your email address or other contact information in case you’d like Tim to follow up with you on one or more of your responses.
Congratulations, that’s the end of the survey! Please watch this complimentary video of Prince’s 1979 hit “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” (I have many favorite Prince songs and videos, but this is definitely one of them.)
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