Freda Emmons Book Set of 4
Freda is a dear Samaritan who next to being a dedicated weekly volunteer to the ministry, is also a speaker, editor and author. She has written books about her story that have been transformational to many people. Freda has donated four of her books as a set for someone to bid on. More on Freda here:

Descriptions of the books:

Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma is for every person who is seeking healing from the immobilizing emotional pain of abuse or trauma suffered in childhood or adulthood. With the Word of God as its foundation and focus, each step of healing offers compassion and hope.

In Resurrection Hope, author Freda Emmons explores the hope that lies deep in every believers' soul, namely, what is the culmination of this hope we cling to?

Millenial Hope: A thousand years - life on Earth is renewed every day, just by the presence of Jesus in their midst. No longer plagued with pain, Sarah and her friend Sally assist Jesus, as He teaches. Worship, fellowship, family - life is holy, for the King of Glory is among them.
The full set of Freda's books!
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