Hack The Hood Small Business (Preliminary Application)
Thank you for your interest in applying for a FREE website, made by Hack The Hood/BGCP students!
First and Last Name:
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Name of Business:
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Contact Phone Number
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Do you have an e-mail? If so, please provide it here:
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Can you commit to attending a "small business orientation" in person/online/over the phone ?
Which of the following Small Business Orientations would you like to attend? (Note: this is where you will learn more about the program, and tell us what you want on your website)
How did you hear about us?
Email, social media, event, a friend...We'd love to know how you found us!
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Agreement Requirements:
1. I agree to purchasing a domain name (for as low as $8/year) *The service of building your website is free, but you must first purchase a domain name before or during the orientation. We can assist you with purchasing one*

2. I agree to meeting with my assigned student (on phone or in person) at least 3 times, between June 20 - July 15

3. I agree to coming to one of the Small Business Orientations (or communicating my web design needs via email)

Can you agree to the above requirements?
Thank you for applying! An Outreach Coordinator will e-mail you to confirm your interest in a FREE website!
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