Ova Omega Flora Semi-Custom
This form will be open until the last day of Spring 2019 or when it reaches 100 entries. Please relax and take your time making your selections! We will be posting updates on our public social media pages so make sure to follow Lullaby Links and Fancy Fidget on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to reach the Lullaby Links admin team quickly regarding this order or anything else sending a message to our Facebook business page is always best but you may also contact us at lullabylinks@gmail.com. If we need to reach you for some reason we may message you from the Facebook page (if there is previous contact) or email you on the email you provided for PayPal invoicing.

For this offer you may enter for as many sets as you like with or without chains or connectors. We will be invoicing on Monday, March 18th and every subsequent Monday after. Invoices will be due the following Wednesday after the invoice is sent and any unpaid invoices will be canceled at that time. If you need a small extension you can request one by contacting the team as laid out in the previous paragraph.

Silver Main Eggs are $35 each, Silver Orbiting Eggs are $20 each (no matter what size). Gold pieces are made of 24K solid yellow gold. The Small Gold Orbiting Eggs are $125 each, Large Gold Orbiting Eggs are $175 each, Large Gold Main Eggs are $290 each, Medium/Large Gold Main Eggs are $265 each, Small/Medium Gold Main Eggs are $240 each and Small Gold Main Eggs are $215 each.

Pricing does not include shipping or tax (only items shipped within the state of California where Lullaby Links is located will be taxed). We always aim to ship in 3-6 weeks from the invoice due date (which would be Wednesday, October 17th at the latest on this offer) but there is no promised delivery date. We ship via USPS Priority Mail with signature confirmation and insurance added. International orders that exceed $200 will be shipped via USPS Priority Express.

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