Popup Homebuyer Seminar Agenda
  • Thank you for attending
About Me
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Liensed Loan Officer
  • Certified Credit Consultant
  • Former Certified Homebuyer Educator
  • Brighton bank
  • 25 years broker/home loan expert
  • Experience includes...
  • Passion about...teaching, helping
Goal for these few minutes
  • Talk about home buying process
  • Some major barriers to homeownership
  • How we can help you over come those barriers and become a homeowner
  • How you can apply now
  • How to contact me 
Briefly, quick overview of what lenders look at
  • Credit - History and scores
  • Income - Sufficient and predictable
  • Employment - Stable
  • Debt - both housing and overall debt
  • Property - collateral value and condition 
I specialize in helping you
  • Overcome the major barriers to homeownership
  • Credit - 100 points / 187 points 
  • So, credit challenges, no problem
  • Work with a DPA
  • Eliminate the financial challenges
  • Provide all of your DPA
  • Assistance with CC
  • 0% interest
  • No payment 
  • Do'n't have to be a 1st time HB
  • Can currently own a home
  • No income limits
  • Those that exceed 135% of media income still qualify 
  • 10 years with payment
How to apply after clicking submit
  • Go to:  popuphomebuyerseminar.com - or-
  • QR codes around the room
What you can expect while applying
  1. Instant credit check (if you do not have a freeze)
  2. Instant pre-approvals (if all information is entered correctly)
  3. Schedule an appointment (if needed) 
Thank you for your time
  • Will stick around for a few minutes for Q&A

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