Beam Your Brilliance Conference Event Sponsorship Submission
This form is for event sponsor applications for Formidable Voices Virtual Conference to be held online 16-25 November.

Audience demographics
90% women and non-binary, age 18-44 years old
International audience with highest concentrations across Australia, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom
A high proportion of our audience is interested in learning experiences, being socially responsible, care about diversity, anti-racism and inclusive business, decolonising spirituality, personal growth & development and run small businesses of their own.

Why partner with us
I've long championed and promoted small businesses on social media for the past 8 years.

Worldwide Engagement
Worldwide Engagement approx. 29,000
Instagram 25,000+ across 3 accounts
Facebook 1476
Patreon 123
Twitter 2305

There are two options for sponsorship, both include logo and link on the event page.
Event sponsor - for a fee you will receive promotion leading up to the event across all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), feature on a dedicated event Pinterest board, my membership community, Patreon and mailing list. Plus a thank you at our event.

Please note that Sharyn Holmes, Gutsy Girl and Formidable Voices value socially responsible, sustainable, handmade, locally produced, ethical, cruelty-free and non-culturally appropriative businesses. Please ensure your values, products and services align with ours before completing this form.
If you have followed me on Instagram @sharynaholmes, I have shared extensively about what cultural appropriation is and shared my socially conscious values and ethos.
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What you'd like to promote or share with Formidable Voices (please also indicate sponsorship budget. We have sponsorship tiers from $250) *
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How is your product/service aligned with Formidable Voices values, mission and vision?
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