EBUC2019 - Currier Island - Masters Mixed and Master Mens Application Form
It is with great excitement that we announce the need for MORE teams for European Beach Ultimate Championships (EBUC 2019).

If you wish to be considered for the Currier Island Teams attending the European Beach Ultimate Championships 2019 (EBUC 2019) please complete the below form.

Selections will be made by the team captains. Your replies here help us build an idea of what you do well and how you would fit into the team; so more detail is better!

With that in mind, when choosing teams, we value competitive players that exemplify SOTG. We are looking for players from countries with teams not already in the event and we will work to keep no more than 2 players from the same country on the same team. Also as this is EUROS – preference will be given to players from the European continent.

As in previous years, we value SOTG and encourage a diverse, competitive team. This year we are actively working to give more back to the sport. Each team player will be required to participate in volunteer activities that will be set up to help teach locals about ultimate and SOTG. Please includes this consideration as part of your decision to apply for one of our teams.

Applications are due no later than midnight (12:00AM) on 07 December 2018

We look forward to a most excellent tournament and seeing you on the beach! If you wish to contact the team management please use Currierislandfrisbee@gmail.com.

Tournament Details
EBUC 2019. May 2019, Monday 6th -- Saturday 11th, in Portimao, Portugal. http://www.ebuc2019.org/
Estimate of costs
Please consider the fiscal and time costs for this tournament. The tournament fees, travel, uniforms, lodging and food will add up.

We have created - loose estimates for the main event. These include flights (from Europe), lodging, player+team fee and uniforms. They exclude personal food, and are meant only as a guideline for planning purposes...

To attend EBUC2019... £700.00

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