CityHive Youth Hub 2018 Sign-Up
We've been hearing loud and clear that there's appetite to get involved in CityHive's existing and new projects. Most of all, we know that there's appetite from young Metro Vancouverites (YOU!) to be a part of making our city more sustainable, inclusive, equitable, affordable, engaged, fun, and overall, more awesome.

After our 3-month launch, we're happy to announce the launch our next phase of CityHive's Youth Hub with feedback from our valued team members. For those of you returning, welcome back! We're so thrilled to be working with you again.

For those of you new to the Youth Hub...Welcome! We have two Youth Hub teams: Civic Engagement and Public Spaces. Read more about each group below, and sign up to join if you are interested in joining! Please sign up by March 5th @ 11:59PM.

If you have any questions, please email us at

About the Youth Hubs
Youth Hub Details:
Each team meets weekly. The time commitment is 8-20 hours per month, depending on your interest, availability and project timelines.

Civic Engagement Team:
How does a city government work? How do you speak at council or participate in an engagement process? Do the current engagement processes for planning actually work? The Civic Engagement Team aims to improve civic literacy and engagement processes by creating opportunities for civic education and for connecting young urban leaders with one another. They normalize civic engagement amongst youth through education and events. This group aims to empower a new generation of active citizens through amplifying the youth voice and giving them the skills and tools required to leverage political and non-political processes to support their cause. By facilitating dialogues, bridging existing influencers with youth causes, and educating youth on civic processes, this team advocates for youth interests in the shaping of their city. This group explores possible avenues for making change, and shares this knowledge with youth in order to lower the barrier to access and engagement in civic processes.

Pilot project (delivered in January 2018):
•Youth Storytelling Event in an Outdoor Pop-Up Bubble (@ Pop! A Rainy Day Refuge event)

Potential next projects:
•Conversations on Public Transit
•Cities 101 workshop series
•Monthly urban socials (ie social with the Mayor and other elected officials)
•Lead an engagement process for a site

Public Spaces Team:
Fascinated by public spaces, and the role they can play in making a city more fun, connected and engaging? Have ideas on how to animate spaces in Vancouver? The Public Spaces Hub works with partners in the city to animate and activate spaces, and is an opportunity for young people to engage in improving the public realm. This will be an experimental lab where youth from all demographics can research and test ways of increasing youth involvement in the creation and maintenance of healthy and inclusive public spaces. The Hub will also catalyze public dialogues around youth and public space to inform policies in the youthful design of future spaces and the usage of existing spaces. The Youthful Public Spaces Hub will be the leading advocate and convener for youth in the planning, design and building of public spaces. By partnering with groups like CityStudio, the Vancouver Design Nerds, VPSN, City of Vancouver, DVBIA, individual businesses and others, young people are given ownership over space and shape spaces that enhance community connections and change the ‘No Fun City’ narrative of Vancouver as a space void of opportunities to engage.

Pilot project (delivered in January 2018):
•Pop! A Rainy Day Refuge public space activation (complete with a pop-up bubble, a public wayfinding installation, chalk art, public ping pong tables, and more!)

Potential next projects:
•Public space activation at Vernon & Adenac (Frida & Frank's stewarded public space)
•Dialogues on current public space conversations with youth- what can we do/what is there to be done?
•Research projects on public sites in Vancouver (what holes are there to fill in advocacy and change)

Thanks for your interest in getting involved! We can't wait to build a better city with you.

About CityHive
CityHive is on a mission to transform the way that young people are engaged in civic processes: in city planning, urban sustainability issues and decision-making in Metro Vancouver. CityHive harnesses the energy, needs, and passion of youth to solve real city problems and amplify the voice of youth in Vancouver, and also works with civic institutions to transform community engagement processes. We envision a region where youth are actively involved in the planning, shaping, and decision-making of their city. This vision of a city is a place where young people want to stay and feel that they can have a direct impact. CityHive aims to serve as a hub for engaged young urban leaders in Metro Vancouver.

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