2019 - 2020 Y-LEAD Application
Lowndes Youth Leadership Exploration and Development (Y-LEAD) Program

What is leadership? Leadership is important qualities a person possesses to inspire, influence, and serve others. Leaders make a difference!

Mission: To shape future leaders and create quality young individuals who better themselves and others.

 Identify essential characteristics of leadership
 Develop and inspire a shared vision
 Enable others to act and model the way
 Develop a servant’s heart and mind

Y-LEAD focuses on developing leadership skills in middle school students. As a result, our community will reap the benefits from these relationships as these students ultimately assume leadership positions in the future.

A selection of 8th grade students will be chosen to represent our young leaders here at Pine Grove Middle School. These students will participate in a variety of social activities, meetings, and events over the course of the 2019 - 2020 school year.

Throughout the year, members will learn essential leadership and networking skills in hopes of creating stronger leaders, at an earlier age, within our community. Through this program, students will be presented with in-depth opportunities to become acquainted with community needs and issues, interact with community leaders, and learn the positive values and benefits of community service.

Selection Process
Y-LEAD applications will be made available to ALL 8th grade students with a grade point average (GPA) of 85 or higher. Members will be chosen by a diverse board of community leaders. Students who are interested in becoming a part of this organization should complete the following application via a Google Form online in which a "Y-LEAD Application" link is posted on Pine Grove Middle’s homepage under the "Clubs" tab OR a hard copy (must retrieve from Dr. Foster) in which you will also return the hardcopy to Dr. Foster (Room 609B). Applications (both online/hardcopy) are due no later than 3:30 p.m., on Thursday, August 22, 2019. Applications should be completed in either blue or black ink if submitting it as a hardcopy.

If selected, participants will be expected to actively participate in all program events.

It is required that students have transportation to and from these events since some of them are scheduled outside of school hours. Your parent/guardian must confirm that you are agreeing to participate in the entire program by clicking the "Yes" button under the "Parent/Guardian Commitment Contract" question.


If selected, participants will be expected to actively participate in program events. These events include but are not limited to:

Community Service Projects
Members will work together to actively participate in a certain amount of community service projects throughout the year (to be determined).

Tour of Charities
Members will visit various charities throughout the year to learn ways they can become involved in our community.

School Board Meetings
Students will attend at least one Lowndes County Board of Education meeting during the school year.

Atlanta Trip
Students will attend a leadership event in Atlanta, Georgia. This trip is mandatory. If you can not travel, please do not sign up to be a part of this organization.

Students will attend one Rotary lunch meeting during the school year.

They will also meet throughout the year for various lessons pertaining to social skills and leadership, as well as various service projects.

Dues are $75 and will be used to purchase members’ collared shirt, t-shirt, vest, tie, and nametag. The collared shirts and vests will be embroidered with the Y-LEAD logo and will serve as the official uniform for all formal events; this shirt must be worn with black dress pants and black shoes. Our Y-LEAD t-shirt will be worn for informal events such as community service projects; this shirt can be worn with jeans. The nametags will be worn at all events the students participate in.

Participants are expected to:
 Demonstrate being a leader by thinking, behaving and acting like a leader.
 Maintain high standards of conduct and encourage other members to do the same.
 Take the initiative to keep a positive attitude.
 Be a role model for their peers at all times.
 Demonstrate respectful language and behavior.
 Maintain passing grades for each nine weeks.
 Receive no discipline referrals.

Please understand that the selection process is fair and equitable to all students. While we would like to accept all students who apply, we are limited to only a select few. Y-LEAD is a serious commitment, and you should not apply unless you intend to complete the ENTIRE program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Foster, Y-LEAD sponsor, via email (jamiefoster@lowndes.k12.ga.us) or by phone (229) 219-3234.

Students will be notified if they have been accepted in this organization no later than Friday, September 6, 2019.
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STUDENT COMMITMENT: As an applicant for the Youth Leadership Exploration and Development (Y-LEAD) Program, I understand my selection encompasses a commitment on my behalf to attend all student leadership activities and events including an overnight trip. If selected, I understand I am a representative of the Lowndes County School System, Pine Grove Middle School, and our community. I will conduct myself in an appropriate manner and represent the high standards of my school, my school district, and the student leadership team. Please check "YES" or "NO." *
PARENT/GUARDIAN COMMITMENT CONTRACT: I grant my child permission to participate in the Lowndes Youth Leadership Exploration and Development (Y-LEAD) Program. If he/she is selected, I understand that I am responsible for providing transportation to and from events held outside of school hours. I also understand that my child will attend an overnight leadership trip if selected. I am committed to ensuring that my child is present at all events and will support him/her in these endeavors. I understand that my child will be held to extremely high standards as a student leader, and discipline issues may result in his or her expulsion from the program. Please check "YES" or "NO." *
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