MACUB Members/Faculty Call for Abstract Submission

š‚šØš§šŸšžš«šžš§šœšž š…šØš«š¦ššš­: The 54th MACUB Fall 2021 Conference will be held virtually. Presentations will be live and not pre-recorded. Presenting Authors must be available to present their topic at their scheduled day and time. Presenting Authors must arrive in their presentation room 10 minutes prior to the start of the presentation session to ensure the quality of their video and audio connection.

š†šžš§šžš«ššš„ šˆš§šŸšØš«š¦ššš­š¢šØš§: Please carefully read the instructions below, abstracts must conform to the guidelines. An incomplete submission will not be reviewed or accepted. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

š‚ššš­šžš šØš«š¢šžš¬ šŸšØš« š¬š®š›š¦š¢š¬š¬š¢šØš§:
Pedogogical Research projects
Empirical Research projects (clinical/non-clinical)

šˆš§š¬š­š«š®šœš­š¢šØš§š¬ šŸšØš« š’š®š›š¦š¢š­š­š¢š§š  ššš§ š€š›š¬š­š«šššœš­:
Submitter ā€“ The Submitter will receive all communications from MACUB, and It is the responsibility of the Submitter to share relevant information to the co-authors. The Submitter will also ensure that all authors approve the submission and presentation.
Presenting Author ā€“ All Presenting Authors must register and pay to attend the conference.


October 15th, 2021
Abstract submission portal closes.

October 30th, 2021
54th MACUB Fall 2021 Conference.

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