Reflection Questionnaire
The aim of this research is to encourage scientific literacy on the subject of food composition, the production of food, its distribution, system thinking via the understanding of the food chain, and acquaintance with a variety of evaluation methods that can be incorporated into educational assessment. I am aware that participation in this study is voluntary. I know that the data collected is intended for research purposes only and the personal information contained through it shall remain confidential and will not be exposed to any educational or other body. Presenting the findings of the research after completion will be done without identifying my name or any other individual identifiers. At each stage of the research process, I will be able to contact the researchers and request that the data of my questionnaires will be removed from the research database. I am aware that I can contact the research group for any further explanations, questions, or requests.
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I approve my participation in the research
I approve the use of the OPM models which I built
I am willing to be interviewed at the end of this process and share my experiences and challenges
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1. What was the degree of difficulty you experienced during the study of this OPM module? (1-Very low, 5-very high)
1 - Very low
2 - Below Average
3 - Average
4 - Above Average
5 - Very high
Digital modules on line
Theoretical aspect – reading text on food
Practical aspect – answering chocolate questions
Theoretical aspect – understanding OPM methodology
Practical aspect – drawing models
Practical aspect – transferring between different food types
Practical aspect – answering questions in Cod assignment
Practical aspect – understanding OPL sentences
Practical aspect – understanding systems thinking via OPM models
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2. Describe in about five sentences the difficulties you encountered, if any.
3. What is the extent to which learning OPM has contributed to your understanding of the following topics? (1 - Not at All, 5 - To a Great Extent)
1 - Not at All
2 - Slightly
3 - Average
4 - To a considerable extent
5 - To a Great Extent
Modeling and system thinking
Understanding processes in food engineering
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4. Describe in about five sentences what have you learned in this course and how this may benefit you in the future.
5. Choose one aspect in which you encountered difficulties, and suggest a way to improve it.
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