Bay Valley Academy 2020-2021 Pre Team Fun Meet and Mini Dance Competition Interest
Hi! Although we are on a pause with our regular schedule, that is not stopping us from continuing to plan the remainder of our season. Included in this form is Pre Team Fun Meet and Mini Dance Competition information. We think that your child is ready to participate and begin competing, and encourage you to consider the opportunity.

At Bay Valley Academy, although we compete in both dance and gymnastics, that does not mean that all of our athlete do indeed participate in both forms of competition. Neither dance or gymnastics is valued or encouraged over the other. We are passionate about it all and always just want to do what is best for each of our athletes and instill the confidence, passion, work ethic, and dedication that is necessary in athletics and life. About 1/4 of our competitive athletes participate in both dance and gymnastics. Often times, when starting out in competition, parents choose to have their child participate in both, to see which is the best fit. But, again, that is up to each family's schedule and preference.

All of our competitive athletes participate in dance technique class, and at this age, all of our competitive dancers also take gymnastics classes. To participate in Fun Meet gymnastics, athletes attend their 2 weekday practices and Saturday. To participate in dance competition, athletes attend their 1 or 2 weekday practices. Occasionally, we do have dance rehearsals on Saturdays.

Both of our competitive dance and gymnastics Teams have booster clubs that help with fundraising and pay for competition and coaches expenses. These are separate entities from each other and the business itself.

Typically, our competition schedule is already set and have started registering for competitions. That schedule, during a normal year, comes out in September. This season, we will be having in house gymnastics competitions and attend 1 or 2 other small competitions in Michigan. Mini dancers will attend 2 dance competitions. As with everything, our competition schedule is tentative and we are asking everyone to be patient and understanding of the alterations that have to be made to the schedule per state and local orders.

Mini competitive dancers will compete an Acro Jazz dance and a Tap dance. These are taught during regular class time and occasionally will rehearse on Saturday's. These dances are in addition to the routines that the athletes learn for the Recital. Fun Meet gymnasts compete a routine on each of the 4 events.

Tentative Competition Schedule
-1 Fun Meet at BVA in February
-1 Fun Meet at another gym in February
-2 Fun Meets at other gyms in March
-1 dance competition in April
-1 dance competition in May

Apparel for Fun Meet and Mini Dance Competition

-Team sweatshirt: $40
-Team tank top: $25
-Team leggings: $25
-Team facemask: $8
-Team leotard (required for Fun Meet and optional for competitive dancers): $95

Dance competition costumes typically range between $100-125 including accessories

Please let us know by Tuesday, December 1st, if your child is accepting the invitation to be a part of our competitive Team.

We thank you for sharing your children with us! Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be more than willing to answer those. Our mission statement reads, To help each individual athlete in our program reach his or her full potential, regardless of his or her current or future goals and aspirations, in a structured, passionate, and empowering way. Our Team is made up of talented, unique, and spirited athletes, instructors, parents, and grandparents. We find unexplainable satisfaction as we work with your children and watch them learn a new skill, conquer their fears, take the stage or competition floor, perform successfully, learn through adversity, have the opportunity to make college decisions because of dance and gymnastics, succeed scholastically and athletically, and through it all learn that with hard work, dedication, discipline, loyalty, passion, and perseverance, they can accomplish anything they put their mind to as student athletes and beyond. This Team is a family. Our BVA family.
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