Juliana Pig Association and Registry
Adult Pig Registration Application
for pigs older than 3 years old
Pigs Name
Date of Birth *
Sex *
Coat Color *
Spot Color *
Unique Markings
socks, blaze, full colored head, etc
Height *
measured from level floor to top of shoulder (in inches)
Length *
measured from chest to base of tail (in inches)
Date measurements were taken *
Identification marks
tatoo, ear tags, microchip number, etc
Current Owners Name *
Current Owners Farm Name
Current Owners Address *
Current Owners Phone Number *
Whichever number is most likely to be answered
Current Owners E-Mail Address *
Did the current owner produce this pig? *
Was the pig sold with breeding rights?
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Original Breeders Name
Original Breeders Farm Name
Original Breeders Address
Original Breeders Phone Number
Original Breeders E-Mail Address
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