Tour de Vlei Entry Form 14-15 October 2017
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Declaration and submission
In submitting this entry I declare that:-
1. Racing rules
I agree to be bound by the rules of the VYC Sailing Committee.
2. Competence
I am competent to handle a yacht in adverse conditions.
3. Liability:
I agree that I sail entirely at my own risk, and agree that none of the organisations or persons concerned in the running of this event accepts liability for loss, material damage, inconvenience
If the skipper is under 18 years old, this declaration should be considered to be that if the parent/guardian.
Please pay your entry fee as follows:

Fees are:
Juniors (< 19): R100.00 single-handed
Juniors (< 19): R 150.000 double-handed
Seniors single-handed: R150.00
Seniors double-handed: R200.00

Please pay into the following bank account:
Vogelvlei Yacht Club
First National Bank
Paarl, Branch Code 250655
Account number 626 110 827 28
With reference [TDV+Class+Surname] as your reference.

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