Measure of School, Family, and Community Partnerships
This instrument is designed to measure how your school is reaching out to involve parents, community members, and students in a meaningful manner. The measure is based on the framework of six types of involvement developed by Epstein (1995). At this time, your school may conduct all, some, or none of the activities or approaches listed. Not every activity is appropriate at every grade level. The selected items show that your school is meeting challenges to involve all families in many different ways that will improve the school climate, strengthen families, and increase student success in school.
Carefully examine the scoring rubric below before rating your school on the six types of involvement. As you review each item, please circle the response that comes closest to describing your school. A score of 1, 2, or 3 indicates that the activity is not yet part of the school's program, or needs improvement. A score of 4 indicates that the activity or approach is strong and prominent. A score of 5 indicates that the scorer does not know or it is not applicable to the school. The results provide information on the strength of current practices of partnership, and insights about possible future directions or needed improvements in your school's partnership program.
1 - Not Occurring: Does not happen at our school

2 - Rarely: Occurs in only one or two classes - Receives isolated use or little time - Not emphasized in the school's parental involvement plan

3 - Sometimes: Occurs in some classes - Receives minimal or modest time or emphasis across grades - Not a prevalent component of the school's parental involvement plan

4 - Frequently: Occurs in most or all classes/grade levels - Receives substantive time and emphasis - A prevalent component of the school's parental involvement plan

5 - Don't Know/Not Applicable

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