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4&Out is an initiative created and managed by a 501(c)(3) non-profit called MindWorksusa, Inc. The centerpiece of the project provides consumers with an array of colleges that guarantees a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in four years.

4&Out is a much-needed, long-overdue program given the nation’s dismal and costly national six-year college graduation rate that continues to hover around 55% (Student Clearinghouse Research Center, 2015). In addition, having to finance college for a fifth or sixth year (or beyond) has contributed to enormous student debt that reportedly grows nationally at an estimated $2,700 a second!

Extra time at college frequently results in unanticipated inroads on parents’ savings and retirement assets and needless diversion of family funds that would be better targeted for consumerism, retirement savings and the general economy. Extended stay at college is problematic for students and their families across the economic spectrum.

To assist us in the project’s earliest stages, we would appreciate your input regarding some of its anticipated benefits.

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Below is an array of anticipated benefits created by 4&Out. Rate each item on a scale of 1-5 as follows:
5 = Most Important
4 = Very Important
3 = Important
2 = Not Important
1 = Irrelevant or Negative
It allows for college costs to be more predictable and limited. *
It identifies colleges that provide 4-year graduation guarantees on one master list. *
The graduation rate in 4 years and the degree completion rate among colleges (particularly 4&Out college members) are likely to be vastly improved. *
It provides incentives for students to be more serious and purposeful in college and to seek critical advisement from mentors, advisors, faculty and the like. *
It creates an incentive for 4&Out guarantee colleges to improve enrollment management practices.(e.g., provide sufficient number of openings in required courses, etc.) *
It standardizes the degree guarantee terms so that all listed colleges use the same simple format. *
It discourages college transfer since students could lose the guarantee in doing so. *
It creates an inexpensive way for colleges to recruit excellent, motivated students. *
The guarantee is flexible so that colleges can exercise their judgment regarding the guarantee’s enforcement. (For example: Students can choose to take a gap year and not lose their 4-year degree guarantee.) *
The 4&Out website provides a wealth of useful information and tools for subscribers on a wide array of matters relating to college admissions, college funding, career choices and the like. *
The 4&Out website offers a wealth of critical information and tools to matriculated college students on how to be successful in college and careers and do it all in four years. *
It is committed to communicating regularly with its college members, registered students and parents to ensure that the 4&Out initiative is successful for everyone. *
4&Out devotes 100% of its net proceeds to its public benefit mission of making higher education more accessible, more predictable and more affordable. *
Thank you for your participation in this survey. Your responses will be important to 4&Out as we fine-tune our initiative.

Once 4&Out debuts in the spring or summer of 2017, there will be no cost to become a subscriber.

Would you in your capacity subscribe to such a service at no cost to you? *
Would you like updates on the progress and debut of 4&Out? *
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