Preston High Reading Interest Inventory

Please answer the following questions. Your responses will assist me in helping you find more great books!


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    Activity Rating Scale

    Reading adventure stories
    Building models
    Spending time outside
    Putting together puzzles
    Reading about weather or weather systems
    Reading about animals
    Reading chapter books
    Watching television
    Reading "how-to" books
    Writing stories
    Reading about disgusting or gross topics
    Reading mysteries or detective stories
    Riding a bicycle
    Reading magazines
    Reading about drawing or crafts
    Reading comic books
    Reading about far away places
    Reading about plants
    Playing with animals
    Reading about friends and friendships
    Playing word games or doing word puzzles
    Solving math problems
    Writing poetry
    Reading fantasy books or stories
    Playing sports
    Reading about fashion
    Reading newspapers or magazines
    Playing a musical instrument
    Going shopping
    Reading about famous people
    Reading science fiction (aliens, space, etc.)
    Drawing or painting
    Reading about science topics (non-fiction)
    Listening to music
    Playing video games
    Cooking or preparing food
    Reading about sports
    Going to museums
    Reading funny books
    Going to the movies
    Reading about real places
    Reading about cars or motorcycles
    Reading about the military or war
    Reading long chapter books
    Going camping
    Using the Internet
    Talking on the telephone
    Going to the public library
    Going swimming
    Spending time with friends
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