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We can design a custom package to suit your needs, or help you find the right standard package or class. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. It takes an average of 10-15 minutes. Thank you!
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When were your dog’s last DPP and Rabies vaccinations given (or titer tested)? *
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What medications or supplements is your dog taking (including flea/tick)?
Does your dog have any food allergies/intolerances? Please check all that apply.
Is he/she sensitive to touch on any part of the body or does he become upset if someone tries to reach for him or move him? *
What brand of food do you feed? *
What type of food do you feed? *
Do you keep their food bowl full, or do you feed separate meals each day? *
What type/brand of treats, snacks, chews does your dog get (e.g. bully sticks, rawhide, raw bones, biscuits, jerky treats, etc., or any specific brands)? *
Is your dog potty trained (2 or fewer accidents per YEAR)? *
Is your dog crate trained (will wait patiently in a crate w/o whining or barking)? *
How much time does your dog spend indoors versus outdoors? *
When you leave your dog home alone, where is your dog kept? *
What type of exercise does your dog get on a weekly basis? *
What type of collar/harness and leash do you use? *
How would you rate your dog's energy level? *
What is your dog’s training history? *
What methods of training have you used (with this dog or others)? *
Does your dog have any fears/phobias, or triggers that may cause them to act fearfully, uncontrollably, or aggressively? *
Has your dog ever guarded anything (stood over item & stared, growled, lunged, bitten, etc.)? Mark all that apply. *
If your dog has ever guarded anything, mark all that apply. *
Has your dog ever bitten an animal or human under any circumstance? If so, please elaborate (what seemed to trigger the bite, what body part did the dog bite, did it break the skin, was medical attention needed, what happened to the dog immediately afterward): *
Has any other animal in your home ever bitten a person? If so, please elaborate. *
If your dog has been around children or babies of any age, how has he reacted? *
What does your dog do when strangers enter your home? Mark all that apply *
How does your dog react while on a walk when seeing strangers across the street (without a dog)? Mark all that apply. *
How does your dog react while on a walk when a stranger (without a dog) approaches them? Mark all that apply. *
How does your dog react while on a walk when seeing a dog across the street? Mark all that apply. *
How does your dog react when a dog approaches them while on a walk? Mark all that apply. *
How does your dog react when a dog approaches them while your dog is off leash (at a park, dog beach, dog day care, in your yard, etc)? Mark all that apply. *
What skills can your dog perform reliably in a variety of situations (in any room of the home, with guests over at your home, outside of the home, on walks, at a dog friendly store or cafe, etc)?
What are your main training goals (3 or 4) for your dog? Please list them in order of importance to you (most important first, least important last). *
Do you have any other concerns or is there anything else that I should know about your family or your dog(s)?
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