Global Movie Series Event- Viet Nam (111/04/01)
Welcome to the Global Movie Series Event- Viet Nam! We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to let us introduce Vietnamese culture, language, food. We assure you that we will not allow a single boring moment in the event. Thank you and hope to see you around!
Time: 17:00-21:00
Day: 111/04/01
Place: Y102 Teaching Complex Building (綜合教學大樓)
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"我,最親愛的" 内容介紹:為了父親的移墓,定居美國長達九年的阿棕,睽違許久回到家鄉。他帶了伊恩一起回來,但全家族並不知道伊恩正是阿棕的男友,而此趟阿棕也正打算與母親出櫃。長久以來,母親一直希望阿棕能夠早點成家,讓她可以抱孫子,就跟所有平凡的家庭一樣。阿棕一直找不到最適當的時機開口,就在此時,他意外得知母親罹患重病的消息。
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