Children & Youth Programs 2020-2021
We felt that it would be important to take a closer look at what parents of children and teens are thinking about program year 2020-2021.
What grade cohort(s) will your child(ren)/teen(s) be part of next year? (Check all that apply)
In March-June 2020, did your family find any of the following meaningful for your children/teens?
If church opens for in-person Sunday worship after Labor Day, what would make you most comfortable with attending in-person church services with your children? *
Most important
Somewhat important
Not important
Adherence to clear federal, state, and Diocesan guidelines on sanitation, cleaning, distance, and mask-wearing
Older, higher-risk adults attend a different service
Restrictions on amount of people attending each service
Limited sharing of clergy across services
What other practices would make you more comfortable with attending in-person church services with your children?
Would you attend a monthly shorter, family-oriented service with music, prayer, children's leadership, and a sermon directed at both children and their parents? (9am, first Sunday of the month)
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When would you be comfortable sending your children to church school in-person?
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What would your family take advantage of if they were offered in lieu of in-person church school, Rite-13, and youth group? *
Weekly take-home packets of lesson/supplies
Short video lessons made by families & teachers with accompanying "real-world" activities
Virtual classroom lessons, Rite-13, and/or youth group with other kids on Sundays
One-on-one reading, prayer, or art time with Rev. Mia during the week
In-person worship services with other young families on Sundays
Provided they meet federal, state and Diocesan guidelines, what additional in-person children/youth programs would you feel comfortable with your children participating in?
What aspect(s) are you most concerned with our children and youth programs prioritizing this year? Please rank the following:
Developing a relationship with God
Knowledge and familiarity with Bible and Christian tradition
Community bonding with kids
Mentorship and positive relationship with other adults
Community service/social justice learning
Most important priority
Second most important priority
Third most important priority
Least important priority
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If church school is in-person in the fall, would you be comfortable serving as a church school teacher in the fall?
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What is important for Rev. Mia to know or consider as we plan for children and youth programs this fall?
What are your children/teen's schools and/or school systems planning for this fall?
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