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Have you had an injection of HA, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), or amniotic stem cells in your affected knee in the past 6 months? *
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Are you suffering from an infection in the affected knee joint or do you have any other systemic infection currently under treatment or treated within the past 3 months? *
Do you have any other disease or condition currently being treated (e.g. renal, hepatic, cardiac, endocrine, hematologic, autoimmune disease or cancer of any type? *
Have you been treated with corticosteroids, antineoplastic, or immune stimulating/immunosuppressive agents in the past 20 days? *
Are you taking part in any other drug or device trial now or within the last 30 days? *
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Are you willing / able to attend two clinic appointments in San Francisco, 7 days apart? *
Have you had an x-ray or MRI of your affected knee within the past 18 months *
While special pricing will be offered to approved participants, treatment costs will be at patient expense. Please indicate if you are still willing to participate *
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