Pace University Out of the Darkness Campus Walk Committee Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in participating in Pace University’s Out of the Darkness Campus Walk! The Out of the Darkness Campus Walk is a campaign run by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to raise funds for their programs and raise awareness of mental health and suicide. The Pace University Campus Walk is a student-led movement to bring our community together in the face of suicide. We are excited and proud that you all want to be a part of this movement for change.

The campus walk will be tentatively held on April 28th at the Pace University New York City Campus. There are many ways to get involved, as walkers and subcommittee members.

If you have any questions or cannot participate in a subcommittee, but would like to help in another way please email

Check out to learn more about efforts to prevent suicide and help those in need.

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