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As we have new devices available for our beta program, we may contact you. We are excited for our new features, and hope to get your comments and suggestions about them.

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- We do not have a monthly fee, and if you are chosen we do not charge for the device or shipping.
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We appreciate your help and feedback, and look forward to hearing from you!
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WEPN: become your own VPN provider
WEPN is open source and open to collaborations:
Is your home internet content "censored"? *
WEPN is meant to be installed at a place with uncensored/unmonitored internet. Those who you give access to will tunnel their traffic through your home.
Are you installing the device at your own home? *
You choose who has access to your VPN service, and when they connect their traffic will go through your home network. So you need to be the person with "authority" to give access to your network. Please don't install this device on public or office networks without permission of the network administrator.
Which country is your home in? *
We need to ship your WEPN device to you. We cover shipping costs, but need an estimate based on country.
Once you create a VPN from your home, who will use it? *
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Examples: "my family lives in country X with censored internet", "I want to try this for my research at X lab", "I am reviewing these technologies for publication X"
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