Fusion Partnerships, Inc.: Fiscal Sponsorship Application
Through collaborative action, including fiscal sponsorship, Fusion Partnerships works to be a catalyst for social justice and peace.

In Fusion's previous community work, we saw that many individual leaders and groups had great ideas and wanted to build effective programs but lacked access to the nonprofit and capacity building resources as did larger agencies and organizations. Starting in 2003, we began to offer fiscal sponsorship and capacity-building support to grassroots community leaders working for social justice in Baltimore. As our fiscal sponsorship program continues to grow, we are able to provide support and opportunity for our programs to share ideas, resources, collaborate and build their capacity.

Apply to become a Fusion Program! If you have a program or project and are seeking fiscal sponsorship, we accept applications twice a year:

1) Application opens October 1st and closes October 31st.
You will receive notification by December 1st.

2) Application opens April 1st and closes May 1st.
You will receive notification by June 1st.


This application form will NOT automatically save your responses and all text must be added to the application in one sitting. We recommend that you review the entire application on the next page and save your answers to a Word document or in another format prior to submitting the application.

Please review Fusion's Criteria for Sponsorship. You can find these criteria in our Policies and Procedures document in the Partner Toolbox (bottom right of our homepage at fusiongroup.org). Or, click here to view the Policies and Procedures and Criteria for Sponsorship (pages 1-2): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4PumLPD2Xt6R2t4QVgtQnVtWGM.

There is an application fee of $35. You will be asked to use PayPal to pay the application fee and will need to submit your confirmation code at the end of the application.

Please send all necessary attachments to FSapplications@fusiongroup.org with the subject line “Documents for [your program’s name] Application.”

Finally, our New Program Orientation will take place on the evening of June 8, 2017. By submitting an application, you are committing to attending this orientation, pending acceptance.

Our review process takes four weeks from the date the application closes. As we review your application, we may ask you to present your program to our review committee. As necessary, we perform some level of due diligence. Additionally, your application is reviewed with our Board for approval.

If you have any questions please email FSapplications@fusiongroup.org. Thank you for your interest in joining Fusion Partnerships!
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