Helping at FBAYOC Crafts and Music Event on 9th July at QMC
Please let us know the times you would be able to help on one of our stalls. If you could give us a few options then that would allow for a bit more 'juggling' room if needed. We always try and put you on a stall in between your child's performances or put you on a stall in the performance area so you can listen as well as being on a stall helping.

All helpers will receive a free drink and a free item of food from the BBQ as a thanks for giving up your time to help.

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Performance times for the event will be:
11.00-11.15am - Junior Choir
11.15-11.35am - TAYWB
11.40-11.55am - Guitar Ensemble
12.00-12.15pm - Junior Choir
12.20-12.40pm – TAYWB
12.40-12.55pm – Guitar Ensemble
1.00-1.25pm – BAYSTO/First Access strings
1.35-1.55pm – BAYWTO
2.00-2.20pm - BAYSO
2.25-2.40pm – Youth Choir
2.40-3.05pm - BAYSTO/First Access strings
3.10-3.30pm – BAYWTO
3.30-3.50pm – BAYPE
3.55-4.15pm - BAYSO
4.20-4.35pm – Youth Choir
4.35-4.55pm - BAYPE
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Many thanks for completing this form for us. FBAYOC
We will confirm back to you what we have allocated you as soon as we can.
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