2019-20 Pre-Registration Form
Please answer the following required Pre-Registration questions. Upon completion, you will be receive an email with a link to sign up for a registration appointment. Please remember to complete the ENTIRE questionnaire. Incomplete questions will not receive a response email.
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Your Home Address. Please provide the full address, including zip code. Note: it must be within the Twain Boundary *
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What grade will your student be in for the next school year (i.e. Fall of 2019, not their current grade) *
What school does your student CURRENTLY attend? Please include the school's full name and location (at least city) *
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What was the primary language used in the home, regardless of the language spoken by the student? *
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Does your student have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Special Education Plan? *
Does your student have a formal health plan (i.e. a 504 plan) in place at their current school? *
What math level is your student currently in? (This question is important for future Math placement) *
Please check all documents you have for the registration. Remember, you must have ALL documents at the time of the registration appointment, in order to proceed with the appointment. Check all that apply: *
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