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In Consideration of membership in USA Gymnastics and Capital City Gymnastics, and being allowed to participate in USA Gymnastics events and/or member club activities, each participant named below agrees as follows:

1. The participant is instructed that prior to participating in any USA Gymnastics event and/or member club activity and regularly thereafter, that he or she would inspect the facilities and equipment to be used, and if he or she believes anything is unsafe, the participant should immediately advise the instructor of such condition and refuse to participate.

2. Participant shall carefully review and follow all USA Gymnastics Safety Guidelines.

3. Fully understands and acknowledges that (a) There are risks and dangers associated with participation in gymnastics activities and events, including but not limited to those of bodily injury, partial and/or total disability, paralysis and death: (b) The social and economic losses and/or damages, which could result from those risks and dangers could be severe; (c) These risks and dangers may be caused by the negligence of participant or the negligence of others, including but not limited to the “Release’s” named above; (d) There may be other risks not known to us or are not reasonably foreseeable at the time.

4. Accepts and assumes such risks and responsibility for the losses and/or damages following such injury, disability, paralysis or death, however caused and whether caused in whole or in part by the negligence of “Release’s” named above.

5. HEREBY RELEASES,  WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND CONVENANTS NOT TO SUE USA Gymnastics, its member clubs, event hosts, other participants, coaches, instructors, officials, sponsors, advertisers, owners, and lessees of the premises used to conduct the event and each of them, their efforts, directors, agents and employees, all of which are referred to as “Release’s” from all liability to the undersigned, my/our personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin for any and all claims, demands, losses or damages on account of any bodily injury, including but not limited to death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the “Release’s” or otherwise.

6. It is agreed that the Waiver and Release Agreement covers each and every activity sponsored by USA Gymnastics and/or its member club and the “Release’s” are released as to each and every activity and event.

The undersigned has read the above waiver and release, understands that he/she has given up substantial rights by signing it, and signs it voluntarily.

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