3. 2. Critical and creative thinking through problem solving_Intermediate Level_Callidus_Final
The process…
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After you have learned basic things about critical and creative thinking and problem-solving, you are interested to learn more. You are aware that just knowing what is what will not help you in your life and career. You should know more to improve your skills. So, you ask yourself “How can I think critically?”.
How to think critically
After learning some basics about critical thinking, logically, you have asked yourself how to think critically? You opened your laptop and you decided to find something to learn how to think critically. You are aware that could be very complicated because it’s not easy to learn how to think critically and then use that in real-life situations or when reading articles, watching TV shows, etc. Well, you should start from somewhere…
Q1. Which of the following critical thinking characteristics do you need to use in your life or career to improve your critical skills competences? *
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