CCC VCC 2020 Road Volunteer Nomination
The CCC and VCC require one volunteer Race Director and four volunteer Support Staff at each 2020 Winter Road event.

To reward club members who volunteer at 2020 Winter Road events the following system has been developed.

- Volunteer as a Race Director at one 2020 winter road event - Free race entry to all 2020 Winter Road Events (including Gravel, excluding ACT Champs Series)
- Volunteer as Support Staff at two Winter Road events - Free race entry to all 2020 Winter Road events (excluding Gravel and ACT Champs Series)

Members who commit to a volunteer role, but do not meet that commitment, will be required to reimburse the race entry fees for any races they have participated in prior to being permitted to race in any follow-on events or seasons with the clubs.

If a member has committed to volunteering at a particular event but is unable to meet that commitment, they are responsible for finding an alternative volunteer. Please contact the CCC Committee or Race Secretary if you are having difficulties finding a replacement as they may be able to assist.

If requests for volunteer roles at events become oversubscribed roles will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Race Director and Support Staff names (once allocated) will be published to the relevant EntryBoss event page. Email addresses and phone numbers will be used to contact you about your volunteer commitments. They will not be published to EntryBoss.

Once a member has received confirmation that their volunteer nomination has been accepted they will be eligible to use the 'Volunteer status claimed' option during registration on EntryBoss. This will apply the rewards listed above.
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Volunteer at 1 event as a Race Director to be eligible for free entry to all 2020 Winter Road events (including Gravel)
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Preferences for a Support Staff (SS) role
Volunteer at 2 events as a support staff to be eligible for free entry to all 2020 Winter Road events (excluding Gravel)
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A space for you to provide additional comments or information about your requests. For example role preferences (sign on desk, finish chute), special talents, etc. We'll do our best to accomodate them.
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