Sign Up for Reds Games 2020
It's time to begin our annual Reds fundraising efforts! Please support our band program as each single game that we can fill with volunteers can potentially earn us $700-$1000! These funds will go directly towards the band program as we complete our new uniform purchase and look to the future at items such as equipment trailers, and drumline/low brass replacement.

Please sign up for as many games as you can commit to. After major success last year, this has become our major fundraiser for the year. The better we do at these, the less we have to do later! We are looking for 8-10 people for each game to maximize the band's profit.

Upon signing up, you'll need to coordinate which training you'll attend as well as which games you'll volunteer at. Training must occur before your first game New members must do an onsite training at Great American Ballpark. Returning members may do an online training.

Due to a change in Red Book Policies, we are no longer allowed to offer camp fee discounts to our volunteers.

Please remember that if you sign up for a game, it is a commitment. We will be required to pay a fine if people don't show up to work. Anyone who does not fulfill a commitment without allowing adequate notice to replace them forfeits their discount.

Please fill this form out for each member of your family who will be working.

Also, please make sure to check if you are interested in being a stand leader! These people lead the stands and other volunteers and need to be adults. Without these leaders, we cannot work stands, so please check below if you are interested!

Note: Due to a change in State Red Book Policies, we are no longer allowed to offer camp fee discounts to our volunteers.

Remember, you must be 16 to participate!

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OPTIONAL: I am interested in being a stand leader for the 2020 season (must be an adult). Stand Leader Training is April 22 from 6-8:30.
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