Make faster progress on your creative, writing, or business project by talking to Sofia Wren
Would you like to always know what to do next because your intuition is THAT clear that you can TRUST it?

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Did you know that what you are working on has a Soul?
Your Book or Business has a soul!
And it knows exactly what it needs you to do next to bring your project into the world.

Sofia has a gift for sensing the unique energy of the Creative Soul of your projects. She can tell you what to do next and how to connect more deeply so you can Create with Confidence. She's helped clients make progress with their Business, Books, Blogs, Videos, Facebook Marketing, Paintings, and more!

By listening to you and the Creative Soul of what you are working on, she can offer positive recommendations to you that will help you move forward faster and have a deeper connection with that which you are creating so you always know what to do next.

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What's included:
During this conversation Sofia Wren will get to know you and your project by asking a few questions about your goals and challenges. Then she will recommend something that seems life a right fit for what you are working on and where you are in your creative process. Recommendations for you could include: a book, a blog article, a free video, a program with another person, a referral, a tool, or even working with Sofia privately in one of her programs or offerings (if it's a right fit).

Sofia Wren is committed to pubic service and to empowering others through the power of creativity. She is looking forward to helping you in whatever way she can!

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