Sparkology Camp Application
Is your group interested in making money? Is your group also interested in hosting outreach events with local elementary and middle school students? Spark allows student organizations to easily plan and host outreach camps throughout the semester.

Groups will be compensated a flat rate of $200 for performing an event. Groups will be compensated for their estimated materials cost plus an additional 20%.
Ex.) If your materials cost $50, you will receive $60 for materials, plus a flat rate of $200 for a total of $260.

Sparkology camps are held weekly on Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm. Spark handles all registration and marketing for the events. The student organization is responsible for planning and executing an educational activity that the students will enjoy.

******* The deadline to apply for a Sparkology camp is September 1st. *******

After the initial applications are received, Spark members will review submissions and reach out to groups with steps to move forward.

Groups are allowed to submit multiple activity applications.

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