Gerald Beckette Service Credit
The Gerald Beckette Award is given annually to an 8th grade student for their school/public services (service projects, etc.) or classroom services. Points will be awarded to students as the service is reported and will be accumulated over their years as an Oak Grove student. Please use this form to report a public service performed by a current Oak Grove student!

The specifics of the Gerald Beckette Service Award are as follows:

Students of any grade level can receive service credit points from a teacher, administrator, or parent as long as the information is reported on the Gerald Beckette Service Credit web form.

Service is defined as an act of selflessly helping or doing work for the not-for-profit betterment of an individual, organization, or group. (Do not log service credit for work that received payment, tips, or goods). An example in the school setting would be pulling weeds in the flower boxes, or wiping tables in the cafe for a week instead of going to recess, etc...

Student Service will be verified and tracked each year with a certificate for the year's service per grade level by the administration and will not be placed on the teachers to track completed service.

The 8th grade student with the highest total service credit (accumulated throughout the years at Oak Grove) will receive the Gerald Beckette Service Award at 8th grade graduation. Honorable mentions will be announced for 2nd and 3rd place students at the graduation ceremony.

The goal of the Gerald Beckette service award is to remind students that service to others is the greatest gift that you can give and that service to others represents the best in all of us!

Dr. Baele will oversee the award implementation and tracking. This is different from the Soaring Eagle award but outstanding service that may receive the Soaring Eagle may count towards Gerald Beckette service.
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Gerald Beckette
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