ElderCraft Season 6 Application
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Here are 5 basic rules for the server. If you follow these rules and use common sense, everything should be fine.

1. No Griefing/Stealing.

2. No Spamming/Advertising.

3. Respect all Players.

4. No Racist or Sexist Remarks.

5. No Mods/Hacks.

When accepted to the server, you will recieve a welcoming email with the official rulebook attached.

If you have read and understood the rules above, please use the Read-through Password 'Sea-Pickle' In the next question.

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You will receive an email if you have been accepted on the server!
If you do not receive a Welcome-to-Eldercraft-email within a few days, you have NOT been whitelisted. There is no reason to send another application. Remember to check your spam folder.
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