Beast Mode Steno Camp Enrollment Questionnaire
These questions are used for the pre-screening process to help us get to know you before you enroll in the program.  None of these questions will count against you; they're merely to help us design the best curriculum for you based on your needs, learning style, experience, and related talents.  If you have any concerns about these questions, please email us at right away and we'll be happy to work with you to resolve any issues.

Please allow an hour to complete these questions.
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First and last name
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Which schools/programs have you enrolled in before? If this would be your first, write N/A. *
How much time did you spend enrolled at the previously mentioned schools/programs, if any? *
How do you feel about briefs? *
How do you feel about phrases (i.e. WHUD = when you had) *
Do you pick up new briefs/phrases fairly quickly, or do you struggle with them, or somewhere in between?  Explain. *
What theory did you learn? *
Are you interested/willing to learn additional theory concepts from theories other than your own? *
What is your frustration level right now with the whole CR school process?  Explain. *
At your current school/program, do you regularly submit assignments on time, or do you occasionally submit some late, or are you late with most of them?   *
What's your biggest struggle right now with making progress in CR school, in your opinion? *
Please indicate the amount of hours you have per week to dedicate to the program (multiple answers may be checked): *
My personal top three time killers are Facebook, iPhone games, and Netflix.

What are your top three?
Regular attendance, participation and submission of work is expected of each student at BMSC.  Are you willing to commit to that? *
Health/mental health struggles, life events, work,  family/kids/pets can all affect our performance in CR school, and that's okay.  You're human, and we expect that.  We do ask, however, that you reach out to us as SOON as you suspect that you might be falling behind or need an extension on HW deadlines, whatever the case may be, so that we can accommodate that and work with you so as to not add more stress to your plate.  Do you commit to reach out to us ASAP if you feel you're slipping/getting stuck (for whatever reason, and we don't need to know the details) and understand that there will be no judgment on our part, but that we want to help? *
What are your top three qualities that would make you an ideal student for this intensive program? *
Identify one area where you have room for improvement as a student, and how you would like our support in that regard. *
Describe your greatest academic achievement, in your opinion, and why it's significant to you. *
Describe a moment/period of academic difficulty and how you got through it/what you did or what others did to support you through it, and how you feel about it now. *
You will have four large HW assignments to complete per week, with one due on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, respectively.  Can you commit to that? *
You will have a minimum of six speed tests to complete each week and the final transcripts will be due on Sunday night by 10:00 p.m. Pacific.  Can you commit to that? *
You will have four pre-recorded class dictation videos to complete each week, Monday through Thursday, and they must be submitted by the due date, unless arrangements have been made with your instructor.  Can you commit to that? *
You will have additional HW assignments whose due dates are staggered between one to two weeks after publishing.  It is your responsibility to keep track of the due dates and to submit your work accordingly.  (Help with time management will be provided upon request)  Can you commit to that? *
You may elect to be placed in a 10-week or 12-week course cycle whereby each 10th week or 12th week is a week off -- think of a rolling Spring Break every 10 or 12 weeks!  Brain rest is essential to the development of a strong fine motor skill.  We love to work hard but we also love to rest hard.  

Do you agree to dedicate yourself to the program  during your course cycle and then take your full week off without doing anything steno-related, based on which cycle you choose?
Which course cycle would you prefer to enroll in? *
We will be monitoring your progress and your submission of work weekly, with a monthly progress report.  In the monthly report, we will notify you how many assignments were turned in late or not submitted at all.  We will issue a three-step warning based on non-submission of work -- NOT on speed plateaus or not passing a speed test in X amount of time.  

If work is not being submitted, and efforts to make alternative arrangements are not made on the student's part, then a three-step warning process will be instituted per month, with the third and final warning in the third month resulting in termination of the student's enrollment status at BMSC and forfeiture of all monies paid thereto.  Should the student wish to re-enroll, they must go through the application process again as a brand-new student, and may only enroll during Open Enrollment periods.

Do you agree to those terms?
Have you ever played a musical instrument?  If so, please indicate which ones and for how long/what level (amateur/professional, etc.) *
Have you studied any foreign languages in school or as an adult, and if so, which ones? *
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you and why you want to join this program/why you think you'd excel in this program? *
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