Science Roots Grant
Communities of science teachers are the roots of the BCScTA.

The BScTA is introducing the Science Roots Grant to support collaborative groups in quality science education initiatives.

In recognition of this, The BCScTA is hoping to support several collaborative groups consisting of its members by providing funding for quality science education initiatives. These initiatives can take many forms and we are open to unique and creative submissions.

Examples of such initiatives could be: a collaborative teacher group developing assessment tools or science lab activities; developing methods of integrating more inquiry-based approaches; an exchange or articulation between elementary and secondary science teachers so that both levels vertically align with each other; a book club to expand on a teaching approach or idea; or sound approaches to authentically integrate First People's Principles of Learning.

Below are the goals for the BCScTA for the upcoming year that might help you get started. Applicants should use them in guiding their proposal.


BCScTA Goals for 2016-2017:

#1 Professional Development: to promote quality in science education throughout the province by promoting professional development in all aspects of science education.

#2 Advocacy: to support quality in science education through connection with the BCTF, the BC Ministry of Education & its partners.

#3 Communication / Networking: support and promote excellence in science education throughout the province by promoting good communication with members, other educators, Ministry of Education, parents, students and the community.


Applicants will be informed about funding after approval by the BCScTA Executive after the deadline date (June 1, 2017).

The BCScTA values the sharing of ideas and requests that successful applicants document their experience and provide a short report and images of their initiatives that could be shared on the BCScTA website. We hope that your experience will inform and inspire other members of our science community. In addition, the applicants will be invited to present the outcomes of their initiative at a future Catalyst conference and/or participate in a future Twitter chat.

Please note that this grant is intended for providing release time for teachers to collaborate with each other on science education initiatives. This grant is not intended for the purchase of learning resources or supplies that schools and school districts are responsible for. The hope of this initiative is to give back to the science community.

The maximum amount of funding per project will be $2500.
A project that requests between $1000 - $2500 would be ideal.
All applications must be submitted no later than June 1, 2017.
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